Services / Pharmaceutical law

The pharmaceutical law is one of the main specializations of Rada & Partner. In this area, we offer to our clients a broad range of services, from registration of medicinal products or issues related to advertising of medicinal products to contractual relationships with distributors and medical care providers and we also represent our clients in disputes related to industrial property rights.

We offer to our clients namely following services:

  • advisory in respect of the registration of medicinal products, clinical trials of medicinal products, pharmacovigilance, determination of the maximum price and the amount of reimbursement, price regulation etc.
  • assessment of compliance of internal rules (SOP) with legal regulations and guidelines of the State Institute for Drug Control
  • assessment of contractual relationships with distributors, medical care providers and other business partners
  • complex advisory related to marketing and advertising of medicinal products, medical devices or food supplements (including assessment of its compliance with legal regulations or ethical codes)
  • representation in proceedings before the State Institute for Drug Control
  • representation in disputes related to breach of patent rights or rights to utility model or trademark or in other court disputes

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