Services / Labour Law

Rada & Partner provides legal services in the field of labour law both for employers (corporations) and for employees. Our law office has vast experience in representing clients in labour-law disputes.

The law office of Rada & Partner provides legal consultancy in all areas of labour law, focusing mainly on:

  • drafting employment contracts and agreements on work performed outside an employment relationship (agreements to complete a job and agreements to perform work)
  • consultancy concerning especially changes in the employment relationship (transfer to a different job, relocation), return of an employee after cessation of impediments to work (parental and maternity leave, etc.) and termination of employment
  • drafting and updating internal labour-law regulations
  • litigation related especially to termination of employment, employee’s/employer’s liability for damage and remuneration (salary, pay, remuneration under a labour-law agreement)

These aspects are closely related to issues of internal administration of companies and procedural law.

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